Client Success

See how we’ve helped our schools partners and clients thrive on and offline.

With bespoke education marketing strategies, we have helped schools improve their reach using Facebook Advertising, video content, print marketing, content marketing, SEO, and so much more.

Your School, Your Strategy

At Digithrive we are leaders in education marketing best practices, crafting marketing messages that are tailored to the specific target audience of our clients.

As anyone in the education sector knows, every school is different – there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for guiding students towards their future, and we take a similar approach to our education marketing: your marketing strategy is customised for your needs and goals.

We have worked with schools that needed complete digital marketing overhauls, where multiple marketing agencies had been helping, but with very few reports or results. With the help of our focused education marketing strategy, we were able to see an increase of up to 460% in website traffic for these clients.

Our team has even built a school’s digital and print marketing campaign from the ground up, including paid advertising for their new target audience, content marketing that spoke to their specific audience, and local SEO tactics that increased their visibility and ranking on Google.

Keep Trending

To some, education marketing might not sound very exciting, but it is our true passion. This is why we stay up-to-date with all the education marketing trends when creating marketing strategies for any educational institution.

By tapping into what is current in the industry, we are able to create personalized content that hits the mark, every time, whether that is live videos of your school grounds on one day for social media or paid advertising campaigns that are shown to the right audience at the right time, to drive interested leads to your school website.

Education marketing also extends to reputation management, a vital component of ensuring that your educational institution appeals positively to prospective students and parents. We will manage online reviews on search engines and social media sites, providing guidance in how to answer queries, complaints, and questions.

Tailored Services

Our clients’ successes come from the fact that we see education marketing as unique to the school itself, rather than providing templates and generic packages.

As the leading education marketing agency in the UK, we offer services that meet your marketing budget and goals. We understand that our clients in the education sector have to think both as a business and as an educational institution, so we strive to create marketing strategies that meet both of these needs.

Our clients who need lead generation tactics see a significant increase in their flow of qualified leads, with one education institution seeing up to 197 open day sign-ups for their campaign – that is 197 interested parents and prospective students from our simple but effective tailored PPC campaign!

By combining digital marketing and traditional marketing, we were able to generate 84 admissions leads and enquiries for a school with a target audience that was initially difficult to reach and nurture through the lead generation process. Now, this school has seen one of their strongest years to date for open day admission queries.

Education Marketing For All Spheres

While keeping up with education marketing trends, we have worked with online tutoring platforms as well as schools. Our education marketing strategies have seen a leading online tutoring platform gain 260,030 impressions from a two-month campaign we implemented, using bespoke content creation and social media targeting.

By using only the most effective forms of digital marketing for this client, we were able to reach more students interested in their services, without becoming lost in the sea of competitors.

Our education services do not only focus on schools or universities, as our holistic approach can be implemented for both online and traditional learning structures.

Always Learning

As an education marketing agency, we are always learning about new digital marketing tools and print marketing methods. After analysing a client’s objectives and initial investments in marketing platforms, we are able to identify areas that need work or provide insight into platforms that could generate additional leads, such as YouTube and other social media platforms.

We also take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience and what educational materials they consume, in order to create a marketing strategy with content that appears in search results of prospective students and parents.

By always learning, we have been able to help education clients modernise their approach to open days, driving significant impressions, click-throughs, and up to 96 open day sign-ups.

Our education experts have learnt that combining print and digital media provide the best results for client success, and apply this thinking in a unique and exciting way. Several educational institutions have seen astronomical results from this simple yet effective approach.

Why Our Process Works

Many schools look at platforms that offer free marketing, cheap marketing or an impersonal approach to the education sector. And, more often than not the end results do not achieve what the client truly needs.

Digithrive For Schools works because our process starts by diving deep into your school, teachers, existing parents, and prospective parents to build the perfect target audience for your campaigns.

Once we have this data, it does not just sit in confusing reports or in folders on our desktop – we use it to align our education marketing strategy with your business goals across all channels.

We are adept at combining our marketing services creatively to reach the goals of different schools and institutions. We combine the power of SEO, social media, and online marketing with the on-the-ground reach of print marketing for a holistic campaign, creating a message that hits all the important touchpoints of your customer’s journey (including teachers!).

Because we work with you throughout the process, rather than working in a silo that only provides you with the end product, you can continue thriving on and offline, whether you have a retainer with Digithrive or you would like to manage your marketing yourself.

Start Your Marketing Journey

Your school or university is a lifelong investment for you and your staff; your marketing should be too!

If you would like to see the same success that our current and past clients have seen, you can book a free consultation with our experts. We will listen to your needs, ideas, and concerns and provide you with sound advice about the way forward for your school.

Our account managers will work directly with you, communicating your needs to our team of creative experts to ensure there is a clear understanding from both parties.

You will never be seen as just a number – think of Digithrive as your partner on your journey towards marketing success. Partnering with us brings the benefits of having knowledgeable professionals on your side who work with data specific to your school, in order to achieve results that exceed your expectations.

With a strategy relevant to your school’s brand, you will soon see real results. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our client success stories above to see what they have to say!

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