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For any school digital marketing can be a confusing topic to tackle. Digithrive for Schools understands that you may need help in these areas, so we have created expert advice, research, how-tos, and insights—all to help you level up your school’s digital marketing skills.

While we will create your digital marketing strategy, our guides enable you to continue implementing it, by providing expert knowledge in social media marketing, search engine optimisation, digital strategy, social media advertising, and so much more.

Our guides are here to do just that – guide you in everything digital, giving you news and updates on trends past, present, and possible.

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How does digital marketing help education institutions?

Digital marketing or online marketing is nothing new – in fact, the term “digital marketing” was first used in the 1990s, when the first clickable banner went live in 1993! However, digital marketing for schools is relatively new, which is why many schools do not have a school digital marketing strategy in place or are not taking part in any digital marketing activity that aligns with the school’s objectives.

This is why Digithrive takes a holistic approach to digital marketing; we see your school as both a business and an institute of education.

We will develop a marketing strategy that is customised to your marketing objectives and your specific target audience (don’t worry – we explain all of this jargon here in our guides!), focusing on the digital channels and social media platforms that will drive business success and improve your learning environment.

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Generate More Leads

Developing a school digital marketing strategy allows you to focus on marketing activities that bring in more students – in the digital marketing world, we call that “generating leads”. Each student or parent who finds your school through search engine results thanks to searching engine optimisation results, could become a potential lead (and thus a potential conversion) for your school. Leads are generated through paid advertising, content marketing such as writing blogs or guides (using keywords, of course), local SEO (updating your Google My Business Page), and paid social media advertising.

Engage With Your Audience

Digital marketing does so much more than just splash your brand across the internet. For schools, it allows you to engage with more parents and students on the platforms they use daily – especially on social media. Not only can you inform current parents about events and important information, but you can also reach prospective parents with entertaining, engaging, and educational content. There might be some negative interactions and engagements, but with the help of our marketing managers, you can mitigate these and turn them into positive experiences.

Improve Local Visibility

You may think that digital marketing is solely meant for reaching people far and wide, but there is local SEO that you can use to improve your visibility in your specific area. Digithrive knows that schools are region-based, and a targeted marketing plan for your region will drive more valuable leads, as the people looking for schools in their area will find you at the top of their list. You can also produce extremely targeted content about your region and your school using local keywords, which will appear in search results for those terms.

school digital marketing

Cost-Effective Solution

Schools are not only places of learning – they are businesses too, and for many, a marketing budget can become exorbitant. With Digithrive, we make use of tools and technology that enable us to manage your advertising budget across different campaigns to get the best results. Marketing your school online is also flexible, allowing you to alter your content and budget or schedule whenever you need to. Our team of professionals will never give you a “one-size-fits-all” marketing plan; we work with your business budget to find the most cost-effective solution for your goals.

Measurable Results

Any marketing plan needs to have a goal in place that signifies the successful completion of the plan. This could be something like generating ten new leads a month or increasing the sign-ups to your school’s newsletter. Digital marketing allows you to track all actions taken by your audience and measure the results of your marketing plan, giving you clear metrics on the success of your campaign. By using analytics and statistics, Digithrive can adapt your marketing strategy to achieve the best results.

Why should schools stay up-to-date with marketing trends?

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and it is important for your school to stay up-to-date with these changes. After all, you are also a business, and any business needs to stand out from its competitors online.

While you do not need to become subject matter experts overnight, staying abreast of what digital marketing tools and technologies are on the market and making waves in your industry helps you to remain relevant to both parents and students alike.

Understanding these trends will also empower you to choose the best marketing agency (and strategy) for your needs.

Some school marketing agencies might tell you that digital marketing success only comes from being on every platform at once, but we tend to disagree.

Let’s break it down: If your audience is not on Facebook, advertising or posting on Facebook won’t drive visibility or help with any lead generation strategies.

You need to focus your communications strategy on where your audience spends their time – not on where the general public gathers online.

Is digital marketing the right move for my school?

While print marketing is still highly relevant for schools today, without a digital strategy, you may find yourself losing out on a larger audience.

Your online audience is different to your print audience, and you will need to understand their needs and demographics if you want to provide meaningful content and interactions.

There is also the element of flexibility that comes with creating digital content to market your school; flyers and posters are fantastic local advertisements, but with digital advertising, you can create videos, gifs, and banners that are shown at the exact right time, to the exact right audience.

The measurability of digital marketing certainly trumps print marketing.

You can see exactly which advertisement drove which actions, allowing you to tailor all future content to match those successes – no more guessing if any potential parents have walked past your poster in the park and made a call to your school to find out about enrolments.

Having an up-to-date, mobile-friendly website not only helps you to remain relevant online, but it also allows you to create and share valuable content with current and potential parents and students.

Blogs and videos backed up by search engine optimisation tactics help you to build visibility and authority with search engines and with your audience themselves. And, with students becoming more digitally savvy, your school needs to reach them where they spend their day, in order to truly resonate with them.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency that understands your needs is the right move for your school. Let Digithrive teach you the ways of the internet, while you teach the future.

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