Collège Français Bilingue de Londres (CFBL)

Video Marketing/ Print Advertising/Paid Advertising/ Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Using high-end video and thought provoking content, coupled with Meta and Absolutely Education's first party data - we generated 49 quality admission leads

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Admission Leads

CFBL were looking to increase admissions for their bilingual school based in London for children aged 3 – 15 years.

We created a full-funnel campaign, starting by building awareness across Absolutely Education channels all the way through to lead generation for open days across Facebook and Google. 

At the heart of this campaign was content that brought alive the core values of CFBL. We created a written piece of editorial on the benefits of bilingual learning that was published on the Absolutely Education website. This was amplified out to a highly target audience of using Absolutely Education and CFBL data on Meta.

We also worked with the School to create a series of videos that were hosted on their YouTube channel and also used for remarketing ads for the digital campaign. The audience who engaged with the editorial content would then receive an Open Day Advert.  We also promoted the Open Day on Google.

To encourage prospects to move through the sales funnel, we created a bespoke landing page, optimised for conversion.

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