Public Relations for Schools

For both public and private schools, public relations (PR) is important. It is a strategic method for the education sector to use to connect with communities, mitigate crises and create solutions, as well as raise awareness of events and information about schools and universities.

Education PR is different from advertising – Education PR is more focused on reputation management than on creating paid promotional or digital marketing material.

What is Public Relations (PR)?

PR is the strategic communication from an organisation (in Digithrive’s case, the focus is on the education sector) to the public to maintain, grow, or improve on a public image and respond to the public interest.

While PR and digital marketing often work hand-in-hand, as a specialist education PR agency, Digithrive uses PR to enhance the brand visibility of education institutions, to create and maintain a positive image of all our education clients, and to build strong, long-term relationships between schools, the media and public.

Public relations does not use paid methods of communicating but rather unpaid or earned media such as press or news releases, PR outreach, social media, and even speaking engagements.

Positive or negative - we're here for you

Digithrive focuses on the positive impact that PR can have on the education sector, helping clients to put their best foot forward to their local community and build awareness about their achievements in the education sector.

We are also crisis communications experts – because you never know what could be around the corner in the media for your school. We help you to effectively communicate during a crisis to mitigate risk from public sentiment and to manage the expectations of key stakeholders.

Our well-thought-out reputation management strategies and extensive media training make Digithrive the perfect PR partner for any school or multi academy trusts.

Why do I need PR?

The education sector can be difficult to manage when it comes to dealing with the media and the public. Education is a highly emotional purchase for families and as such, they understandably have strong opinions on methodology and the finer details of the service.

With the help of our expert advice, expertise and experience as a specialist education PR agency, you can easily craft and hone your reputation, communicate with your target audiences, and anticipate any possible issues that may arise so you have well crafted key messages on standby and the skills to respond well to your stakeholders.

Anticipate Crises And Prepare Solutions

The education sector, like any business or industry, has to stay on top of any potential crises and provide suitable solutions. An education PR agency can help to anticipate any crises that may arise and provide a crisis communications plan as well as a solution for reacting to any circumstances.

A crisis plan strengthens your credibility in the education sector and your reputation in the eyes of your target market. Your parents and local community will feel more at ease knowing that your school can handle any eventuality.

Maintain PR Relations

All target audiences consume some form of media, whether it is print or digital, which means that any schools or education charities need to have a relationship with both print and digital media houses.

Spreading news and event information is easier when your school has strong media relations, but gaining these footholds without an education PR agency can be extremely challenging. Contact us today and see how we can support those processes so you can sit back and relax knowing your PR is covered.

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