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Digithrive for Schools is a full service digital and creative agency that specialises in independent schools marketing. Part of Zest Media Group, home to the largest group of Independent Schools Magazines, Absolutely Education and British Education. We combine our target audience database of over 100,000 contacts and digital platforms with the digital powerhouses of Facebook Advertising and Google, to provide a sophisticated and highly effective marketing campaign that drives results that matter to your school, open day attendees, and student admissions.

Client Success

We have helped many schools achieve significant ROI, increase their brand awareness, and establish their authority within the market. The good news is that you can be one of these schools too!

We love digital marketing, and so will you.​

See how we’ve helped our schools partners and clients thrive on and offline.


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based on a 12 month campaign


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based on a 12 month campaign


million impressions

based on a 3 month campaign


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based on a 6 month campaign


more admissions 20/21

based on a 12 month campaign


open day sign-ups

based on a 12 month campaign

Our Approach

Research & Insight

Good research and insight work transcends channels, and should always be the starting point for any new school marketing campaign. We understand your school, teachers, existing parents, and prospective parents to build the perfect target audience and gain a better insight into your business.

Strategy Alignment

Our strategic approach ensures that our work is aligned with your wider business and marketing goals. This strategy aligns every aspect of the services we provide to your business, from the content we create to the Facebook Advertising we manage, to any website suggestions we make.


We are a full-service agency that can complement your internal resources with any digital marketing service. We will work with you every step of the way and provide great resources so you can continue thriving online and offline.

We create data-driven marketing strategies that produce results

At Digithrive for Schools, our service includes:

  1. A dedicated account manager and trusted school marketing expert.
  2. A team of certified digital strategists, who act as an extension of your school marketing team.
  3. Proof-of-performance marketing platform.

For almost a decade, we’ve built over 50+ media channels, created over 100,000 pieces of unique content and connected with millions of high net worth audiences across the globe via our market-leading brands.

Digithrive for Schools combines our unrivalled consumer reach, with our best in class marketing technology, to provide our schools with outstanding marketing campaigns, off and online, that produce exceptional ROI on their marketing spend.

Digital marketing can be a complex landscape to navigate without the right guidance, expertise and tools, especially with so many UK schools trying to reach prospective parents in the online world.

Our team of digital experts and best-in-class marketing platforms make it easy for your business to thrive online and to identify the target audience you need to connect with.

Tracking the success of your digital marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. With Digithrive’s marketing hub, you can easily track every click, call, and conversion from a single portal.

Why do schools need digital marketing?

Marketing has always been important for schools, but with the proliferation of digital marketing tools and social media platforms, it is more important than ever…

With online advertising becoming increasingly popular, marketers need to know how to use this new technology in order to remain relevant and increase website traffic in a meaningful manner.

Schools are using many different forms of digital marketing, such as email campaigns, SEO strategies, PPC ads on Google Adwords or Facebook, live chat features on their websites, and branded apps. As these tools have become more available, it has become easier for all kinds of schools to market themselves online, from private schools to public schools, to universities.

By knowing how they can best utilise these resources, school marketers will be able to keep up with the times and continue making a positive impact on their communities by promoting their education through their branding.

In fact, proper management of digital presence can serve as a catalyst to reach out to potential prospective parents and improve the credibility of your educational institution.


How to reach further

Not only will you help prospective parents in their difficult education decision making process, but you will also attract high-quality teaching staff who keep up with different schools marketing when choosing a place of employment.

Positive online reviews from existing parents and employees are great marketing material when used correctly on the right platforms.

The process of choosing a new school is a difficult one. Parents have an emotional journey to make that will work to prepare their child for future life.

The reality of education is that parents and students are more digitally focused, especially when it comes to finding the right school for their needs. Your school website is the first port of call these prospective leads will make, and it should make the very best first impression possible. Beautiful visuals are important, but targeted content that educates and excites your audience is key to reaching your audience where it matters most.

Therefore, to keep your educational institution ahead and gain a leading edge in the increasingly competitive independent education sector, we encourage you to rely on a specialist digital marketing agency to provide essential expertise, advice and support within your school’s marketing strategies.

There is a whole host of schools to choose from for potential parents, and we want to help ensure you stand out from the crowd and gain the essential leads you need to fill your vacant admissions spaces.

What are our marketing strategies for schools?

Schools marketing can be a complex playing ground but with Digithrive For Schools, your educational institution will be in the perfect hands.

By understanding your target audience, we can craft a sound SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy that is more than just a new website. A custom landing page promoting a unique aspect of your school or showcasing the achievements of your students might be the path we take for your particular goals.

Alternatively, our digital marketing experts might discover that social media advertising is the best path for your school’s marketing to take – after all, more and more prospective parents turn to social media and online reviews platforms to learn more about the schools in their area.

Our advertising platforms and services include Instagram and Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising. While print is still a vital component of helping your school reach parents and students, Digithrive is here to help you conquer the online world and promote your school successfully.

DSC_8551 (2)

We tailor our strategy to your needs

In simple terms, our school marketing strategy is tailored to your particular goals, whether that is gaining more leads and enquiries, finding new teachers to fill essential posts, or simply encouraging more pupils to attend your open days…

With our automated reporting, we can guide your school towards the right platforms for your needs, helping you to reach parents where they are; online or offline. These reports look at essential metrics, including both social media and website data, allowing us to create a holistic strategy for your school brand.

These reports also help us to uncover trends for school marketing, such as digital event planning, organic search for brand image, personalisation of content for your specific audience, and how to tell your school’s story digitally.

We look at your school marketing strategy from both a business and educational point of view, which is why our offerings include media planning and buying, for further reach, and content marketing, to build your school’s brand visibility and loyalty.

Why does data matter in school marketing?

Many schools believe that simple word of mouth will help to grow their leads and enrolments…

However, the world has changed, and to compete with other schools, you need to have the right information about parents (both existing and potential parents), students, and even teachers.

As part of our research and insight phase, we collect and analyse all of this data, using it to guide our strategic positioning of your school. Data eliminates the guesswork around marketing. It helps you to draw your audience in through content that is relevant and useful, and the data helps us to ascertain where website traffic originates from and identify any new markets that are worth pursuing to grow enrolments.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Starting with data-driven knowledge means that you do not have to continuously spend more money on marketing that does not resonate with your audience…

We use automated reporting, Google, and social media analytics to gather data about parents, students, locations, and other vital demographical metrics relating to your school and school district.

We tackle all digital data spheres, including social media. With social listening, we are able to uncover what people are saying about your school online, how they are feeling about your main competitors, and what types of content your audience is consuming on a regular basis.

By building a firm foundation in data, we can generate customised communications and more targeted marketing, which will make a greater overall impact and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

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