6 Essential videos for your school’s website

Did you know that video content is favoured not only by readers but also by search engines? To ensure you are capturing the interest of prospective families and driving traffic to your site, it’s imperative to ensure that you have these 6 videos on your school’s website.

1. A virtual tour of your campus

A picture may be worth a thousand words –  but videos are even better. However great the images on your site, a virtual tour of your school grounds is a much more powerful way to show off your campus and give prospects an in-depth look around.

2. Current student/ parent testimonials

Current families are your best ambassadors. As we know, word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, but nobody can speak to as many people in real life as they can on video. Interviews with current students and parents give your school a face; invite them to talk about their favourite subjects, achievements, extra-curricular activities and clubs. This will make your school much more memorable. 

3. Interview of key staff members

Prospective families are keen to know about your school’s teaching talent – so showcase it in staff interviews. This is an opportunity for connection on a personal level as well as the chance to shout about your staff’s achievements and what makes them unique.

4. Videos on daily school life

Schools are busy places, with countless things happening every day. Video is a great way of capturing the essence of daily life in your school. Make it your mission to capture a couple of events every month, from a drama club rehearsal to a music recital to an exploding science experiment. These videos will make for great entertainment for all your prospective families. If you are a boarding school, make sure to showcase what boarding life is like too – showcase the rooms and how your pupils live.

5. Capturing the local area

Just as prospects want to see what life is like inside school, they also want to get a better understanding of the local area, especially if your school has international students or boarders. Create virtual tours of local attractions such as shopping centres, parks and restaurants and tourist hotspots. Make sure to highlight any outdoor or unique studying spots too. This will exhibit all the advantages of going to your school.

6. Mini orientation videos

These are not only great for prospects but also for new students coming on board. How-to videos are all the rage – make mini tutorial videos on things like ‘how to sign up for classes,  where to get your timetable, 5 things you should know before joining the drama club, or even how to secure your spot at the best university’ You could have a mixture of current students and staff members explaining each one. 

Video marketing is one of the best ways to engage prospects and have them stay on your website for longer – don’t miss out on the benefits of this powerful tool.

If you would like more professional tips on marketing your schools do get in touch with the Digithrive For School’s team who are always happy to help. contact us here

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