6 easy content ideas for schools

Posting content regularly on your school website is a brilliant way to communicate with prospects and showcase the very best your school has to offer. But coming up with fresh ideas can be a struggle, which is why repurposing content is so important – using content you already have and presenting it in a new and exciting way. You may not realise it, but you already have lots of useful resources to turn to and find easy content ideas for schools to post.

Easy content ideas for schools to post online

Current students

Ask current students to contribute by writing an article for your school website. It’s a win-win situation because you get interesting content while the student gets valuable writing experience. They could write about everything from revision tips to ‘Things I wish I knew before starting secondary school’. Be creative!


Approach notable alumni and ask them to contribute content. They could discuss their time at school, their career path, and what they’re doing now. This will not only inspire students but also demonstrate to prospective parents that many success stories have come out of your school.


Asking current parents to share their experiences can be a great way to appeal to prospective parents. These valuable testimonials can help shed light on why they chose your school and what they like about it.


Teachers can provide valuable content, whether it’s discussing the curriculum in blog posts such as ‘8 History topics you’ll learn about at School X’ or a simple ‘Meet the History department’ post. It can be extremely reassuring for parents to virtually ‘meet’ teachers, build a rapport and get a feel for the school. 

Extra-curricular clubs

Activities outside of the classroom, like sports and the arts, can be a great source of content for schools. For example, you could post photos of school productions with cast bios or recap a school football match. This provides great insight into what your school can offer pupils beyond academic lessons.

Pastoral team

The pastoral team can answer questions or concerns about the well-being and the social side of your school. This could be in the form of a blog post like ‘How to cope with the transition to a new school’ or even a video answering questions from parents.

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