Quick Wins to Help Your School’s Website Convert Better

Your website is your strongest online asset and for most prospective parents, the first place they look to find out more about your school. With trying to make your school’s website as informative as possible, digital marketers forget that it’s a 2-way street – as well as giving information to your prospects, you should also be trying to get information! 

With the social distancing and isolation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, more than ever people will be rushing online to get information, especially since they can’t attend open days. We’ve compiled our top tips to help your school website convert better during this time.

Keyword Optimisation

It’s most likely that a lot of your school services have been suspended and you are working from home. Using this time away from planning busy open days can be handy for general ‘housekeeping’ as it were. Use this quieter time to optimise your keywords used in your website as well as any PPC campaigns. Take time to research and figure out the best keywords for your website’s content pages, clarify what message you are trying to get across on each page, and make sure the keywords reflect this.


Another really great thing you can do for your website is to conduct an audit of what CTAs you have on each page (if any) and think about adding in some more. Make sure every page has a CTA, from simple things like ‘read more’ to ‘sign up to our newsletter’ or ‘download a prospectus’ or ‘sign up to an open day.’ Just remember to not scare them away – think about what kind of prospect would be viewing this page – for example a prospect who reads your blog about ‘how to choose the right school’ will only be very early on in the journey, so there is no use putting a CTA like ‘sign up to our open day.’ Instead, you should be using CTAs like ‘read more blogs like this’ to continue to build authority.

Refresh current content

Now is also the time to go through current content on your website and update it. Not only will this ensure prospects have the most up-to-date information on your school, but it will also put you higher at the top of Google and other search engines when you are shown to be consistently updating and refreshing your information. Google will see your website as a more trustworthy source, placing you higher above in the ranks over other schools. This will ultimately lead to more conversions  – the higher up you are in search results the more likely you are to get a click on your website.

If you would like more professional tips on marketing your schools do get in touch with the Digithrive For School’s team who are always happy to help. contact us here

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