5 Ways To Market Results Day For Schools

It’s been three days since the announcement of A-level results. Results day is a pivotal moment in the academic calendar, marking the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and determination for both students and educators. 

For independent schools, it offers a unique opportunity to showcase on social media your commitment to academic excellence, personalised learning, and holistic student development. 

Leveraging A-level results for marketing purposes can not only celebrate the success stories of students but also reinforce your School’s reputation, attract prospective parents and students, and strengthen community engagement.

Highlighting exceptional academic performance

Independent schools have a long-standing tradition of nurturing high-achieving students, and A-level results provide a tangible benchmark of academic excellence. 

Sharing impressive grades achieved by students can serve as a testament to your School’s rigorous curriculum and commitment to providing a top-tier education. 

By showcasing these achievements on your School’s website, social media platforms, and in marketing materials, you can position yourself as an institution of academic distinction. One way to illustrate this, could be to create a graph on your website illustrating a consistent upward trend in A-level pass rates over the last five years.

Demonstrating university placement success

A-level results are a crucial factor in university admissions, and independent schools that consistently place their graduates in Russell Group Universities have a compelling marketing advantage. 

Highlighting university placements and success stories of alumni who have gone on to excel in higher education can showcase your School’s commitment to preparing students for future academic and professional success. 

You can craft a series of short video testimonials featuring students who have achieved outstanding A-level results. This will allow you to show how your School’s support systems and dedicated teaching staff have played a significant role in your students’ achievements.

Engaging the school community

A-level results day is an opportunity to unite the school community in celebration. 

Hosting events where students, parents, and teachers come together to recognise achievements can foster a sense of belonging and pride. These events can be documented and shared on various social media platforms, creating authentic content that resonates with both current and prospective families.

You could launch a ‘Results Day Alumni Mentorship Fair’ where recent graduates who have achieved exceptional A-level results return to the School to mentor and guide current students. Set up booths or interactive sessions where alumni can share insights and advice to current students. 

For your fair, develop a photography release strategy for capturing and utilising images during Results Day. According to Gitnux data, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. By doing so, you increase your chances students in the photographs will repost your content. 

Interactive and personalised content

Independent schools can create interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and videos, to involve parents, students, and alumni. 

Personalised messages from teachers and congratulatory emails can enhance the emotional connection between the School and families.

Leveraging alumni networks

A strong alumni network is a valuable asset for independent schools. 

Alumni who achieved remarkable A-level results can be featured in marketing campaigns, sharing their experiences and how the School contributed to their success. 

Launch an alumni spotlight series on your School’s blog or social media profiles. Interview successful alumni who achieved remarkable A-level results and showcase their journeys. Highlight how the School’s foundation contributed to their current accomplishments.

A-level results day is a vibrant canvas on which your School can paint its dedication to holistic growth, academic excellence, and nurturing environments for students.

By translating these principles into practical marketing strategies, your independent school can ignite a sense of pride among their current community, attract potential families, and foster a legacy that extends through generations. 

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