7 examples of how schools can promote student’s wellness online and increase conversions

As we’re celebrating World Mental Health Day this week, we’re seeing a change in the education sector market. 

Parents have shifted their attention to care not only about pure academic success, but they also want to see what your school does to foster a caring environment for their child. 

Promoting student wellbeing isn’t just about ensuring the health and wellbeing of your students; it’s also a powerful tool for attracting and converting prospective students and their families.

By having mental health promotion as one of your key priorities, it enhances your appeal. 

In this article, we’ll share 7 examples to effectively promote student wellness online and, in turn, boost your school’s conversions.

Create a comprehensive student wellbeing website section:

Start by establishing a dedicated wellness section on your School’s website. 

This section should serve as a hub for all things related to wellness within your School. Include detailed information about your wellness programs, counselling services, fitness activities, and mental health resources. 

Make sure the section is user-friendly and visually appealing, with clear calls to action (CTAs) for prospective students and their families to explore further.

St. Paul’s School for example in London has a dedicated wellness section on their website, offering insights into their holistic approach to student wellbeing, including physical fitness, mental health support, and nutrition guidance.

Showcase success stories and testimonials:

Highlight success stories of students who have benefitted from your School’s mental health promotion initiatives. These narratives provide real-life examples of the positive impact of your commitment to student well-being, helping prospective families envision the benefits.

Wellington College in Berkshire featured success stories when it became the first school in the UK to introduce happiness and wellbeing to the curriculum. 

Maintain a dynamic wellness blog: 

Keep a wellness-focused blog on your website, regularly updated with informative and relevant content. 

Cover topics such as healthy living, stress management, and advice for parents on supporting their child’s wellbeing. 

Consistent updates can attract organic traffic and establish your school as an authority on wellness.

Eton College maintains a wellness blog that offers articles on various wellness topics, showcasing their commitment to student wellbeing through valuable content.

Engage on social media platforms

Actively use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to share wellness-related content, tips, and updates. Encourage current students to share their wellness experiences on these platforms, creating an authentic and relatable online presence.

Radley College engages with its audience on Instagram by sharing posts about wellness activities, mental health awareness, and student wellbeing achievements.

Host wellness workshops and webinars:

Organise wellness workshops and webinars open to prospective students and their families. These events can cover topics like stress management, nutrition, or mental health, showcasing your School’s expertise in wellness and fostering a sense of community.

Brighton College in East Sussex hosted webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic focused on wellbeing, attracting both current and prospective students and parents.

Share data on wellness impact:

Collect data on the positive impact of your wellness programs, such as improved student mental health, reduced stress levels, or enhanced academic performance.

Share this data through reports and infographics on your website, offering concrete evidence of the benefits of attending your School.

Charterhouse School publishes annual wellness reports with statistics and success stories, emphasising the tangible advantages of their wellness initiatives.

By implementing these seven practical steps to promote your School’s l wellness programme online, you can not only enhance the wellbeing of your current students but also attract and convert prospective students and their families who value a holistic and wellness-oriented educational experience.

If you want to explore how your School can promote its wellbeing initiatives online or you’d like to learn more about what we have done for our school partners, we would be happy to help advise you. Book a free consultation here.

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