How to use social media to promote a virtual school open day

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, social media’s ability to engage and influence audiences cannot be denied. The most successful users of social media are those businesses that serve up content that is relevant and useful for followers and subscribers.  Social media should be an integral part of any school marketer’s digital marketing strategy. Not only is it a means of engaging with current parents and students, but it also offers access to prospective parents who are interested in learning more about what you as a school can offer.  In this guide, Digithrive for Schools takes you through exactly how to use social media to promote a virtual school open day.

A vital part of a successful digital strategy is mapping your upcoming posts on a social media calendar so you have a good mix of content relevant to various persona groups (ie Existing Parents, Pupils & Prospects).

You should also investigate which social media channels best suit the demographics you’re looking to appeal to and how they prefer to digest information.

Once you’ve collated all the information on your virtual open day, make sure there is a dedicated pop-up on your home page and landing page with clear CTAs that you can lead your followers too. This hub will act as the main forum for those looking for information, so make sure it is relevant and provides adequate detail about your open day.

This in turn will allow you to devise a post on your chosen social media channel with bite-sized information. Think about the highlights of your virtual open day. Do parents get a chance to speak to the Headteacher one-to-one? Is there a live Q&A session where prospective parents can hear each others’ views and suggestions? Succinctly mention this in your caption in order to have the biggest chance of a conversion. Don’t forget key information like when the open day is taking place and how prospective parents can join. You can hyperlink on a Twitter post, but make sure to update your bio link on Instagram.

Remember, it’s not enough to merely upload a post stating the facts of the virtual Open Day. Consider the reasons why people should give up their time to learn more about your school and incorporate these findings into other posts and stories.

For instance, upload short snippets of pre-recorded videos of the following:

  • Department heads discussing their achievements and curriculum
  • A video from your headteacher
  • A 360 tour of your school and its facilities
  • Videos from pupils talking about lockdown life and digital learning, as well as what higher education institutions they expect to move on to. This is key in conveying to parents how you nurture and help students progress after they’ve enrolled in your school.

In other posts you can also provide:

  • A link to a downloadable/online prospectus
  • A link to a booking system where parents are able to book meetings/interviews with Heads of Houses and other members of the senior team
  • A link to your ‘News’ page, which should be regularly updated as lockdown continues

You can also use Facebook and Instagram to find more leads who don’t already subscribe to your school. Read our guide on using Facebook ads to generate virtual open day leads. 

If you would like more professional tips on marketing your schools do get in touch with the Digithrive For School’s team who are always happy to help. contact us here

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